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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sedai Corner – August 2012

This summer has been one of change and development for the Sedai Project! First, many thanks and sincere appreciation to Jack Kobayashi, Stan Hiraki, Bob Marubashi, Terry Idenouye, Lawrence Crawford, F. Richard and Geri Shiozaki, and Molly Aihoshi for their time and dedication in sharing their stories and history with the project. Your contribution to Sedai has helped greatly in continuing the legacy of the Canadian Nikkei experience. Sedai is proud to account for 164 individuals in 174 interviews to date, totaling 402 hours of recorded material. We thank the community for your continued support, and look forward to hearing more stories in the coming weeks!

Second, a farewell thank you note from Lisa:

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported Sedai and myself over these past two years. The opportunity to dedicate my work within the Nikkei community has been and will continue to be life changing. I have grown professionally, academically, and personally and I cannot be more grateful for the immeasurable amount of guidance and encouragement I have received. I will miss the busy JCCC events, the dedicated volunteers who continue to ensure our success, the kind and helpful staff members, the delicious food, and most of all the incredible individuals that I have had the honour to meet. It has been a true privilege to meet all the wonderful individuals who have shared stories with me, educated me about the Nikkei history, welcomed me into their home, and invited me into their families. As I depart to further my studies at the University of British Columbia, I know I will return with my Masters of Archive Studies soon. To all of my friends, I will miss you dearly!

Everyone at Sedai, the JCCC, and the community at large would like to warmly wish Lisa a heartfelt thank you, and all the very best as she embarks on her next adventure. Good luck, and come back and visit soon!

Next, Sedai would like to welcome our new Coordinator, Elizabeth Yuriko Fujita. Elizabeth (or “Yuri”, if you prefer!) is a native of Pickering, daughter of George and Midori Fujita. She completed her B.A. in Montreal at McGill University, and was a JET Programme participant in Kagoshima, Japan from 2007-2010. Elizabeth is very excited to be joining Sedai, in the hopes of expanding her knowledge of and involvement with the Canadian Nikkei community. She welcomes all visitors to the JCCC to stop by and say hello as she begins her journey with the project.

Lastly, while we at Sedai are always interested in hearing Nikkei related stories of all sorts, we are currently seeking members of the community who may have stories, anecdotes, or info on any of the self-sustaining groups from the war years. Your experiences and gracious assistance are the only way our knowledge and history can grow!

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