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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Japanese Canadian Post War Experience Conference

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The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto is pleased to announce the Japanese Canadian Post War Experience Conference – the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s: Building a New Future, being held on April 6 and 7, 2013. This Conference is dedicated to sharing and preserving the history of the Japanese Canadian community during the post war years (1945-1967).

In 2010, the JCCC hosted theĀ Japanese Canadian Experience Conference: the War Years. As a result, over 100 stories were collected from that Conference regarding the War Years, which have now been preserved here online at Following that Conference, it was suggested that another conference be held to bring the community back together to discuss the difficult years following WWII. We believe this too was a very important era, especially in how the community took shape and developed into what it is today. For those individuals and families who were forced to either build a new future resettling east of the Rockies, or “repatriate” to Japan and start fresh in what was a foreign home to many Canadian-born Nikkei, this time period deserves to be discussed and the stories and memories preserved. For those who arrived in Canada for the first time following WWII, their successes in building a life, a family, and a home in a land where they faced discrimination and prejudice are a testimony to their incredible efforts, and are a vital part of the mosaic of the Japanese Canadian community.

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As we continue to attract Storytellers, Sedai believes in the message that without as many different pieces of the community shared as possible, our history will be that much more limited and narrow – each individual is the only person who can tell their own individual experiences and perspectives. We hope that you will share your experiences with us at this Conference – please bring your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and of course friends. Let’s build a lasting history through preserving our stories, so that generations to come will have a first-hand understanding of the legacy of Canadian Nikkei.

Our 2010 Conference sold out with over 400 attendees – please register early to avoid disappointment!

For further information, please download the brochure and registration form below, or contact Elizabeth Fujita, Sedai Project Coordinator at: or 416 441 2345 ext. 303

Also, follow us online at or on Twitter (@JCCCSedai)!

Registration Form

Japanese Canadian Post War Experience Conference – Brochure

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