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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sedai Corner – It’s Never Too Late to Give Back

Fall is upon us! As the temperature drops, and we spend time considering near future family get-togethers like Thanksgiving and (dare we mention) the Holidays, we invite you to also consider future family planning with respect to the memories, anecdotes, and stories of yourself or your loved ones for many years to come. Photos and written accounts are wonderful, but what better means to preserve your experiences than through recording them from the source?

Sedai is very pleased to announce that footage from the Japanese Canadian Post War Experience Conference has been released online! Check us out at, as Blanche, Roy N, Tats, Fumi, Taketo, Mits, and John spoke with listeners regarding the final years of the war and beyond. Although internment and forced relocation were in and of themselves dark landmark events in the community’s history, the after effects of those policies were immediately felt upon the closing of the war and well beyond.

Sedai was also very honoured to assist with an historical session for the Support Our Kids program, and the 10 students visiting the Toronto area from the recovering Tohoku region of Japan this year. The students were able to engage with volunteers Keo Shibatani, Manabu Doi, Hajime Sawada, and Tak Yoshida – all Sedai interviewees who have had very different experiences with respect to the community and the war/postwar years. We hope the students continue to enjoy their experience while in Canada, and wish them well as ambassadors in their communities.

We are always delighted here at Sedai to hear different anecdotes and perspectives on experience from the community! If you or a loved one has memories which should be recorded and preserved – both for community history, as well as for your own family’s legacy – please contact Elizabeth Fujita, at or 416 441 2345 ext 303.

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