SEDAI: The Japanese Canadian Legacy Project

Sharing the unique history and experiences of Canadians of Japanese ancestry


Welcome to SEDAI, the Japanese Canadian Legacy Project. Our goal is to share with you the unique history and experiences of Canadians of Japanese ancestry using oral histories, text, archival photographs and related material. This site is dedicated with respect, admiration and gratitude to the Issei, the pioneering generation who came to Canada after 1877, the year the first recorded Japanese immigrant, Manzo Nagano, landed on our shores. They worked hard, embraced the best values of their new country and triumphed over adversity to secure a place in Canada for their children and future generations. In so doing, they have set an example for all Canadians.

The SEDAI Project operates as a special project committee of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and reports directly to the JCCC Board.

SEDAI means “generations” in Japanese. Our logo presents the kanji characters “SE” and “DAI” as they would be represented on a Tenkoku carved stone seal employing tensho-style calligraphy. The Tenkoku was created for SEDAI by internationally acclaimed shodo artist and designer, Noriko Maeda.

Mission Statement

It is the intent of the SEDAI Project to gather, protect and disseminate the history, heritage and legacy of Canadians of Japanese ancestry.


  1. Create a web-based archive and museum without walls; with the assistance of Densho’s proven methodology and technology
  2. Collect and preserve the personal stories and related materials of Canadians of Japanese ancestry and of others, as they relate to the Japanese Canadian experience in Canada, to ensure their accessibility to students, educators, researchers and the public;
  3. Promote the concepts of diversity, justice and equality for all Canadians through education and public awareness;
  4. Share and compare experiences with other like-minded ethno-cultural communities and in particular, other Nikkei organizations; and
  5. Leverage our resources for the betterment of all Canadians