SEDAI: The Japanese Canadian Legacy Project

Sharing the unique history and experiences of Canadians of Japanese ancestry

About the JCCC

SEDAI is a project of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC). For over 40 years, the JCCC has served as a leading institution of its kind in Canada as well as the gathering point in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for the Japanese Canadian community and for those of non-Japanese ancestry who have an interest in things Japanese. The JCCC is a charitable not-for-profit organization.

Open to everyone regardless of race, religion, sex or age, the JCCC provides a place — and more importantly, the impetus — for the exchange of ideas; to showcase artistic and athletic talents with a focus on Japanese arts, culture, and martial arts; to hold social and intellectual events reflecting the history and future of the unique Japanese Canadian community.

The JCCC offers a wide variety of Japanese cultural programs and experiences for its more than 4,300 members — almost half of whom are of non-Japanese ancestry. The JCCC showcases the creative energy and dedication of many talented artisans, musicians, dancers, writers and martial arts practitioners.

The JCCC fosters mutual understanding and facilitates the exchange of information about the Japanese Canadian community and Japanese culture with the community-at-large through a wide range of exciting programs. The Centre also works to build a spirit of co-operation and harmony among people of different cultures by coordinating community events and programs with other ethnic organizations.

For further information about the JCCC and its programs, please visit us at