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Tashme Buildings
Tashme Buildings


  • Boxall, Don

    I owned property at Sunshine Valley (Tashme) from 1989 to 2000, and lived there full-time from 1996-1998. We lived in what is now called Sumallo Village, on the east bank of the Sumallo River. I comment at this time because this is the first winter scene of Tashme that I have seen, to date.
    During one of the winters we lived there (1996, I think) we had a total of eighteen feet of snow, so we were kept busy clearing the driveway, etc.

    • SEDAI

      Hi Don, and thanks for visiting That’s incredible that you have a direct link with the Tashme site! Many of our volunteers at the JCCC are former internees or residents at Tashme, and have lots of stories to tell of the incredible snowfalls and winters they spent there. Thanks for the comment!

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